Sunday, 26 May 2013

Enjoying nature ... by Evans

Evans, front row third from left, and his brothers and sisters.
Evans is today's guest blogger and he is writing about a stroll in the countryside near the Happy House:
In the school holidays we had holiday club with a programme of things to do. One day we went on a nature walk.
I went to take my hat and put it on.
Then we started the journey.
We walked to the road and we used the left hand side of the road because our teachers taught us about road safety.
As we were walking, one of our teachers showed us her house
It was beautiful and sunny. We told the teacher we were thirsty. She said that we should go and drink some water.
We drank the water and then we went to the beach and saw boats. 
Then we came back home.
When we came back I was tired and I rested.