Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Erastus ... on top of the world

Birthdays are something our own children look can forward to with excitement, knowing, for certain, there will be cards, presents and celebrations.
But for our Happy House kids, before joining our family, birthdays were just like any other day with without gifts or celebration.
Another day living in poverty and hardship.
So imagine what it is like to have your very first birthday card and present?
Erastus, came to us in March with his little brother Sylvester. The two small boys carried with them a heavy burden of tragedy. Their dad had been brutally killed in the Tana Delta clashes last year, and his widowed mum, forced to flee the area, was finding it impossible to support herself and her boys.
She sought help by putting her children into care, in the hope they can be reunited once she has re-established her own life and has some security to offer them.
Erastus has just turned four, and as is our custom, his birthday was marked at Kidz Club with the birthday song and gifts which had been sent with love by members of his sponsor family Liz McCormack and Kevin.
Uncle Billy says: "Erastus got presents for his birth for the first time in his life and doesn't he feel at the top of the world
He has turned four in style."