Friday, 3 May 2013

Of all the hospitals in all the world...

Still in hospital, Mama Sue is in very safe hands.
She will have revision surgery on her  hip on May 16 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.
The hip, replaced in Mombasa in an emergency fall after a fall three years ago, has failed and needs removing and replacing.
For now, she has to stay put and let the medical staff look after her and keep her pain under control.
By sheer coincidence two of the staff nurses working on her ward went out to volunteer at the Happy House in  2011.
Julia Durham and Hayley Barber were then completing their nursing studies at University of Central Lancashire.
They were a great help with our kids and gave first aid classes to our staff.
And now they are very happy to be helping to look after Mama understand just how precious she is to her family and it to her.
We caught the picture (above) of them together at the end of a very long shift!
Thank you to  all the wonderful staff on Ward 15a for being so caring, and for taking such an interest in our Happy House, Mama already has one or two eager volunteers signed up!