Monday, 27 May 2013

Toddling on to help our family

A happy band from Harmby Under 5s group enjoyed a sponsored toddle and Teddy Bears' Picnic to raise money for our Happy House family.
The pre-school, near the village of Leyburn, Yorkshire, is where little Alice Webster goes with her friends.
Alice's mum Louise and dad Gary were the very first people to join our sponsored child scheme, before the Happy House building work was complete, with their donation used to help finish and furnish. And as soon as the first children arrived she and her family welcomed our Oscar into their family.
Oscar shares his birthday with Alice's elder sister, Grace, and Alice looks upon him as her twin brother.
So it will be so exciting for Oscar and Grace to finally meet in a few weeks time when Louise, Gary and the girls fly out Kenya for a holiday and to spend some special time with our family.
Louise, already a very busy lady, does so much to help our family and it is she who contacts new sponsors with profiles and pictures of their children.
And it was Louise who arranged the spopnsored toddle which will raise in the region of £150.
That's a wonderful effort, thank you so much Louise and everyone from Harmby Under 5s.

Top picture: Louise Webster with daughter Alice and Evie Hall.
Left : Lucy Hall with Alice Webster and her own daughters Jasmine and Evie.