Sunday, 5 May 2013

Babies .. a gift from God

This week's junior blogger is Jane - a lovely, kind big sister to all the little ones in her Happy House family. She is pictured with Baraka and (below) with Athman.
"This Jane is, I am writing a blog about our babies.
The babies start small and then when they grow and can walk themselves they go to school and go to playgroup and then baby class.
I like to play with the babies very much. 
We help the Aunties to wash the babies and to get them ready for bed.
Children are a gift from God. I like babies very much.
We have a small baby called Athman. Athman is the smallest baby we have in the Happy House family. Then there is Esther
We love Athman and Esther  very much and take care of the small babies.
With lots of love.''