Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Four faces of Esther

Esther was the baby of our Happy House family until Athman and Neema arrived, which means she's now got someone smaller than her to show off to!
And her speciality is pulling faces...
Watch her for a minute or so and she'll go through a whole gamut of expressions.
Esther, was just five days old when she was found abandoned in scrubland in January last year.
She was very poorly and dehydrated.
At the time, Uncle Billy, our social worker, said: We cannot know what circumstances led to Ether's abandonment, but we do know that now she is a Happy House angel she will receive all the love and care she deserves." 
And love and care is what she has been receiving ever since and, as you can see, she's blooming with happiness.
Like David, she is  another smiling  testament to our Happy House magic!