Friday, 24 May 2013

Caring and sharing ... our family way

 Over the past year we have had quite a lot of clothing in adult sizes donated to our family.
Anything that may be of use, in future, to our older children has been kept, but we cannot keep everything in store and feel it should be put to use, by people who are in immediate and dire need.
There are many refugees from the Tana Delta area who have been displaced, first by tribal violence, or by the  catastrophic floods that followed.
They have lost everything.
With Mama's blessing, head housemum, Prescha, who runs a very organised and catalogued store, packed all the clothing we will not need for our own Uncle Billy took along to his church on Sunday.
 St John the Baptist Catholic Church, is running a clothing appeal for Tana Delta victims.
The priest in charge the Rev Emilio Njeru celebrated mass and the goods were received by Mr Josphat Andalo on behalf of the chairman Mr Albert Nzoya.

Uncle Billy said: "They lauded our goodwill gesture and said that the support will go a long way in changing the lives of those affected by both manmade and natural calamities in that region.
No sooner did the zone start  healing from tribal warfare  repercussions than the flash floods came calling!
The community members are quite resilient and receptive to help and our heartfelt wishes go to them in their healing process.
Thank you to Piera Lauria from Italy who brought things donated by her friends in Milan and to other supporters whose donations have now been channeled to this worthy cause. God bless them."
Mama Sue has always worked with other organisations to ensure that any items we receive, that may not be appropriate to our work, go to help others need and has, in the past, given heavy duty blankets and thick woollies to the East African Women's League to distribute to the vulnerable in the areas around Nairobi where it is much cooler.