Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A new baby joins our family

Our Daniella with Neema

Nurse Naomi, Nancy and Neema
Tragic baby Neema is our new arrival at the Happy House.
The death of her mum, left her  grieving father struggling to bring up his newborn daughter and three elder sisters.
Neema was born safely on January 9  and her mum took ill immediately after             delivery and died.
Her father, distraught at the loss of his wife, enlisted the support of her mother and his  sisters-in-law but they too are struggling. They were feeding Neema dairy milk which she could not digest and her condition was deteriorating.
The burden of looking after the baby plus her three sisters was weighing heavily on them and they sought help, and the local district nurse Naomi asked Uncle Billy to intervene. 
Uncle Billy went out to the village with Uncle Scott, Auntie Nancy plus some of our older children  who had not gone on visits to relatives, who were anxious to make their new little sister feel welcome  (Sulieman,Mariam, Daniella and Maria are pictured right with Auntie Nancy saying hello to Neema)

Uncle Billy said: "They live in a family village with a huge number of unschooled children. Neema's father, John, is a casual labourer and his family home is a mud hut shared with their two goats and generally lacking in furniture.
Neema's  has three sisters Remy, eight, Serah, six, and Stella, three. Only Reema is enrolled at school and now, with Neema in our care, John , has a chance to reorganise his life."
Neema is now settling into her new family and is getting all the right care and milk to ensure that she can grow and flourish. Meanwhile, her father has the peace of knowing she is safe in our hands.
*Father John is pictured bottom right, with his four daughters. our Daniella is holding baby Neema