Saturday, 11 May 2013

Happy birthday Fiona .. our fab friend

Happy birthday to our lovely friend Fiona Lockyer.
Fiona, who is celebrating her 50th birthday with a party tonight, has long been supporting the work of the Happy House family.
And she is sharing her birthday with our family by asking family and friends to make donations to the Happy House instead of gifts.
She and her twin daughters, Hebe and Imogen, sponsor Baraka, and for their own recent birthdays, a relative gifted Hebe and Imogen sponsorship of twins Jonathan and James.
Elizabeth will be at the party in Sutton Coldfield, 
sadly Mama and Papa,who should have been there, are unable to travel because Mama is  awaiting surgery on her hip.
Mama and Papa send you lots of love Fiona and wish you a very happy evening and are looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about it.
Thank you for all your love and kindness.
Marking time...
And by sheer coincidence another gift from Fiona arrived in the Happy House post this week.
She generously sent out a parcel of whiteboard markers much to the delight of our teachers.
We are very lucky to have whiteboards in every classrooms,donated along with other furnishings by Furniture fir Education Worldwide, and we do get through a lot of markers so they are always near the top of our wish list.
Thank you, again, Fiona.