Friday, 12 February 2021

Eye-opening event for teachers

In a special weekend event, teachers from Happy house School were invited home to Happy House by Mama Sue and the family.
The aim was to show the teachers who have recently joined our staff how the the children, growing up in our care, are capable, confident, articulate and happy.
The ethos of our school and family is for youngsters to grow up to be able to think and speak for themselves at home and at school.
The education we offer is delivered in a very different way from the schools teachers will have been used to and so Mama felt it was important that new staff should see the children at home in action.
The kids put together a programme of activities to entertain (and involve) their teacher and presented it. It was a fun morning, very much enjoyed by all.
We will bring you some features of the event over the next few days of the blog.