Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Exciting school project

The pandemic is taking a worrying toll on children's education around the world. In Kenya, children returned to school in January after being off since March. At Happy House children's home we focussed on intensive home-education for the children living in our care to ensure, as much as we could, that they did not fall behind. But it was not possible to extended that to children from the local community who attend our school and when they came back to class in January, along with those starting our school for the first time, we discovered that many had fallen far behind. As Mama Sue says they hadn't seen a book or picked up a pencil for the entire time. Now, thanks to a generous donation, we are able to invest in a remedial project aimed at helping to get them back on track in maths, English and Swahili. We has received enough funds to cover the cost of employing extra teachers and to buy five new televisions to harness the full power of interactive learning. Here Mama Sue, founder of Children of Watamu charity, and teacher, Md Rita, explain the project.