Tuesday, 20 December 2016

You did it!

Once again you've done it for Happy House!
Our Buy and Book Appeal yesterday smashed its £2000 target with donations taking it to £2120.
Hitting the target in Christmas Week is just the best gift for the secondary students moving up to become our very first Form 2 in January.
With 13 subjects on the curriculum, we had an outlay of £2000 to pay for all the required books for a full class of students plus the text books and guides needed by their teachers,
Over 2017 and the years to follow, these books will ring so many rewards to our students.
All from backgrounds of extreme hardship, the students are on free place scholarships and truly understand education is their only road out of poverty. 
Books are the vehicle they need for their journey,
We send our love and our thanks to all those who have supported us with fundraising, group events and personal donations.
At a time of year when there are so many demands on your finances, you have opened your hearts and your wallets to give these young people an opportunity to achieve in life.
They will not let you down.
Thank you.