Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas gift from Mexico

Now married and mother of young children herself,  Fabiola Matute still holds our Happy House kids in our heart.
It is almost three years since Fabiola, Auntie Fa to our family, and her friend Alejandra Quintana set off from their homes in Mexico to spend three months volunteering at Happy House.
The two young women made a huge impact at Happy House where they worked so hard assisting in our school or turning their hands to anything else that was needed.
Since they went back home they have stayed in touch despite changes in their own busy lives.
Just before Christmas, Fabiola held a sale to raise money for our family.
Her mother kindly hosted the event at her own home  and Fabiola was helped by her mother, her sister and a friend.
Those who attended were invited to buy from a selection of lovely goods on sale or to make a donation into a money box Fabiola made with the Happy House logo, or to do both!
The sale raised a wonderful $1090, approx £888.
Our grateful thanks to Auntie Fa, her mother and those who helped and supported the sale.
You are truly making a difference to our children's lives.
Thank you and, Auntie Fa, we love YOU!