Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas countdown: Practice makes perfect

Christmas will be celebrated with a showcase of festive talent.
Our Happy House family is preparing the biggest and best welcome home week for their returning "brothers and sisters" who are now living back with their relatives.
Their visit may only be for a few days, but it will be something they will remember all their lives.
Mama always likes to have a plan, and a week of activities is all organised.
Home and teaching staff, know exactly what will eb happening when and the kids are busy rehearsing the entertainment.
In today's video, volunteer,  Coral Blackhurst from the Isle of Man and  Auntie Coral to our kids, is  helping Natasha, Lily , Pendo and Florence to learn a new song.
They'll be word perfect by the big day!
If you would like to make a gift to Happy House this Christmas and support our work with disadvantaged children, please go to
Every penny counts. Thank YOU.

Bags of love

With a case jammed packed full of goodies, Natasha Wenman is flying back to Happy House.
Hairdresser, Natasha, from Buckinghamshire,  and her dad, Russell, volunteered with our family last year and ever since they returned home Natasha has been longing to return.
She and her friends raised lots of money for Happy House with a barbecue in summer, and her friends and lovely clients have again come up trumps with donations of lots of essentials for our family, plus donations of cash which have been added to our Christmas Appeal fund.
Everyone is so looking forward to seeing you again, Tash, thanks for being  such a wonderful friend and many, many,thanks to all those who have helped fill your case and donated money. All is greatly needed and much appreciated.