Saturday, 10 December 2016

Home for Christmas: Santa Special

With Happy House first stop on his world tour, Santa arrived to a gathering of excited children all singing Jingle Bells at the top of their voices.
As he came through the gate one of our littlest people, dressed as a mini Santa, rushed up to give him a hug,
Like a festive Pied Piper, Santa led the throng towards the decorated banda where Mama, Papa and the adults in our family were waiting for him.too.
Once settled into place, Santa greeted the children and they responded with a welcome song.
Then came the moment they had all been waiting  for, the distribution of gifts,
With Auntie Rose as his able assistant,  Santa handed out gift bags to each child.
It took some time, and in sweltering heat, with around 140 children each waiting their turn and joining in the the excitement of their brothers and sisters as they discovered what they had received,
Each child received a new outfit of clothing plus another gift, every item donated by our friends from around the world.

With his delivery safely made, it was time for Santa to get on his way with a cheery wave and a ho, ho, ho!
Shortly after his departure our friend Peter Reid joined the party, clean shaven and refreshed after his busy morning in a star role!

The party went on with  games, apple bobbing, and  entertainment.
It wasn't just the kids who entertained, it was also a chance for members of staff to show off their talents .

There was much fun, good-natured rivalry  but above all there was the love and joy of true family.
As in homes all around the world at Christmas time they sat together to enjoy a delicious meal, at Happy House it was a delicious chicken pilau.
For Mama and Papa who have created such a wonderful place and a wonderful family, to have all the kids back under their roof was special beyond words. 
It was a Christmas Day, albeit early, full of love and laughter
The love of our family does not stop there. It extends to each one of you of reading this today.
We look upon you as our family too, and thank you, as always, for your help and support in ensuring our work with vulnerable kids continues to grow and develop
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Tomorrow's blog will feature a Christmas Day Showtime video, including an appearance from a very unusual "lady".