Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Home for Christmas: Dizzy Dancing

Happy House is the only family David has ever known.
And he is having the time of his life showing off to the "brothers and sisters", repatriated with relatives, who have come back to their Happy House home for an early Christmas.
They played a huge part in helping to turn David into the vibrant child he is today.
Abandoned at birth, David was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome when he was 11 months old and Mama was warned he was never likely to walk and wouldn't amount to anything very much.
With advice and help sourced in the UK, we introduced exercises to stimulate him physically and mentally, and all the kids joined in to help their special brother to achieve his best.
They instilled in him confidence and self belief, He understands that everything is within his grasp.
That's my boy,
cheers from Papa Dave
So when it comes to dancing at a Christmas party, David , six this month, is the first up to shake it all about.
And cheering him on louder than anyone is Papa Dave, for whom he was named,
Yesterday was day two of our reunion party.
We had hoped to bring you lots of pictures and video from each day, but nothing can ever be guaranteed when you are working in Africa.
With the power down all day, the power from the generator wasn't sufficient to connect to the internet.
Not that being without power causes many other inconveniences. We have our brick oven, etc in fueled by wood from our grounds, and also cook rice in a sufuria over wood.
Mama called to say  what a fantastic time everyone is having and pictures and videos will be on the way just as soon as the connection is back up.
Today, our family will be having a Christmas Day when Santa will be dropping in to deliver gifts to all the kids.
Your belief in our work, your support, your love makes all this possible.
Thank you
If you would like to make a Christmas gift to Happy House to help take our work further, please go to