Thursday, 15 December 2016

Wedding date with Mr Isaac

 Happy House headteacher Mr Isaac is at the heart of our family.
Fair,strict and kind, our children both like and respect him.
Mr Isaac cares deeply for the students in his charge, and has great admiration  and love for Mama, Papa and the Happy House family.
When he announced his wedding date he asked all the family to attend.
It was a chance to dress up - wearing the outfits made for Auntie Velma's wedding - and everyone looked so smart when they arrived at church.
The kids sat patiently throughout the wedding ceremony and enjoyed the gathering that followed,
Mama said: "We  wish Isaac and his bride a long and happy life together."


Our Buy a Book Appeal launched a few weeks ago to cover the £2000 cost of text books for all the studenst going into our very first Form 2  at Secondary  School in January, is just £290 away from its target.
This initial outlay for books, covering the 13 subjects taught in Form 2, and all the teachers' text book, is huge but the books will be cared for and cerished so they can be handed on to successive generations of students for as long as possibel.
Please help us hit the target in time for Christmas.
For our kids, education is the greatest gift.