Saturday, 24 December 2016

Little Hussein finds a home at Happy House

 A little boy, found living on the streets with his sick mum, is now safe and sound for Christmas.
Hussein and his mother had been taken into custody of the police concerned for the child's safety,
His mum, traumatised and incoherent, is in need of medical care and the Child Protection Centre in Malindi brought Hussein to Happy House knowing eh would find a safe and loving home with our family.
Hussein follows other youngsters who have arrived at Happy House just in time for Christmas.
"Our good God has made almost every Christmas to come with an extra gift for Mama," said Uncle Billy.
Not used to being with other children, Hussein is just beginning to interact and learning to play.
"He is surrounded by lots of love and care," added Uncle Billy. 
"He likes playing with toy cars and Lego where he gets to construct nice blocks with no help at all.
" It doesn’t matter if the colours get mixed up or if the blocks lack definite shape since he is only just starting to experience what is like to play.
 "Within a few months we can be sure he shall be the best,  with good mentoring from David, Abdulmalik, Esther and everyone else. 
"Go Hussein, Go!"
If you would like to sponsor Hussein or another Happy House child please contact Elizabeth Gomm