Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas countdown: Pride and glory

On the eve of our Happy House Christmas celebrations, our Class 8 national exam candidates have delivered the best present of all.
They stormed home to victory in the KCPE examinations, with every candidate passing with flying colours.
These kids, in education thanks to  Mama Sue's Happy House and our scholarship scheme, have defied circumstances of poverty and hardship, to triumph. 
They will now go into Form 1 Secondary School in January.
The kids, drawn from abject poverty, have also topped  the marks of last year's Class 8 with a mean score of  344.28 to last year's 324
For Mama, Papa, Uncle Billy, their form teacher and school head, Mr Isaac, and all their teachers the results are testimony to their dedication to these students.
They have instilled in them confidence and the belief that, regardless of where you come from, all things are possible.
Our kids, who have worked so hard , have, without exception, scored, at least, 60 marks more than the national pass of 250, with a top mark of 375, and we are incredibly proud of them.
Overall, they out-scored their Happy House predecessors, our next Form 2, who they will be joining in secondary school.
It is a wonderful achievement. 
Without our Happy House and it's Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme, these young people would have faced a bleak future, with only intermittent schooling at best.
All our family is celebrating their success, and Mama, bursting with pride in her kids,  is putting in place plans to deliver on her promise of an overnight safari for all the exam successes.
She called them to her office so she could share with them the details of visit to Tsavo East National Park in February.  It will be a trip of a lifetime from which they will gain so much.
In today's video, Mama and the kids share their pride and excitement.
And as Mama mentions we are thrilled our Buy a Book Appeal, to cover the £2000 outlay for all the text books required  for our first Form 2 Secondary when it opens in January, is doing well - thanks to YOU.
It now stands at £1520, leaving just £480 to go!
To buy a book:
Our savings fund to help support these young people through university in the future still has a long way to go. You can invest in their future at: