Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christmas Countdown: Friends bring gifts

 As the countdown to Christmas continues, friends have arrived bearing gifts for our family.
Peter and Joanne Reid, from Lytham, had their bags packed with loads of lovely items, from clothes to craft material;
There were office diaries for Mama's team. soap, deodorants, toothpaste, sanitary pads, socks, footballs and lots more things from our most-needed Wish List.
items were donated by Joanne and Pete's friends and Joanne's generous colleagues at Fylde Spire Hospital.
Pete's JustGiving page has raised £444 in donations from friends and he and Jo went shopping to help fill our storeroom with groceries and greengroceries for the Christmas reunion holiday, which starts on Monday when the kids, repatriated back into families, will be arriving for a five day Happy House "home" visit.
Also safely back with our family, is volunteer Natasha Wenman,.
Natasha, a hairdresser from Buckinghamshire, also brought cases filled to bursting with items from our wish list  including socks, underwear, sanitary pads, toiletries etc- again thanks to her friends and to clients at her salon.
Natasha also received chash donations which she added to our Festive Holiday Appeal Fund.
Natasha, who volunteer at Happy House last year, is back for a shorter trip this time and the kids were just thrilled to bits to see her back.
We are deeply grateful to Pete, Jo, Natasha and to all those who ensured there was no chance of their travelling light to Kenya.
Everything will be logged into our storeroom to be used as and when necessary. 
In a growing family like our own at Happy House, there is always some child needing new pants, socks, soap etc!
The list is as big as the hearts of those who donated.
Thank you from Mama, Papa and all our children.

Bringing them home

Ensuring no repatriated child, howeveer far away they now live, misses out on coming back to to visit Happy House for our special Christmas break Mama has set aside 30,000 KES to pay transport costs for child and chaperone.
On Monday, the excited youngsters will arrive and we, and they, just can't wait!
If you would like to make a Christmas Gift to our amazing Happy House family, please go to: