Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Home for Christmas: Now it's time to go

With bags packed with goodies and hearts overflowing with love, our visiting children set off from home to home.
When these kids first came to us, all in a sorry state  and innocent victims of the tragedy or truama that had befallen their families, they had no place to call home. 
In Happy House they found one. 

In the following weeks, months an years we turned these kids around building them up to be strong, healthy, confident and capable.
With Mama's guiding hand, they learnt to grab hold of life and run with it.
That they were equal to anyone else, had rights - the right to be safe, to be educated, to be heard and to be loved.
Now they are lucky ones, they are back with their birth families and yet still a part of our family.

Well grounded and resilient, the transition from one life to another was a smooth one.
Now, after a brilliant Christmas holiday at Happy house, it was time to leave.
The family gathered  as one to wish them all a safe journey .
They talked about the good time they had enjoyed together, and the adults in our family spoke of how heartening it had been to be back together and encouraged the children, as they left, to continue to work hard and do well in school.
Saying goodbye is never easy, and for some there were a few tears.  It wasn't that they didn't want to go home, it was more that they'd had a lovely holiday and didn't want it to end.
But with Mama, Papa and Uncle Billy's reassurances that they would be coming back to do it all again next year, they soon brightened up and our Happpy House footsoldiers were on their way.

God bless, kids. 
We love you.

This week on the blog we will be putting you in the mood for Christmas with more pictures of our Festive Reunion.