Monday, 5 December 2016

Happy times start here!

The big day is here!!
Today 60 kids, so successfully restored to the care of relatives,  are on the way back to see their Happy House family.
For some it is a very long journey. 
Musyoka, Mwende and Francis set off from their grandad's homestead, north of Nairobi, on Saturday.
But we know that for all their travelling, the children won't be tired - they are just bouyed up by the excitement of seeing their Happy House home again, and especially their Mama Sue, Papa Dave and all their friends.

And we can only imagine how Mama and Papa will be feeling to welcome back, if just for a short time,  these youngsters, who were in their care for so long.
It will be emotional and magical.
It was hard to let them go, Mama was determined to do the best for them, with our continuing support,  so they could go home to relatives who have recovered from the traumatic circumstances of loss, sickness or poverty that rendered them unable to cope.
Every week, our caring social worker Uncle Billy checks on every child to ensure all continues to be well.
From today, they will be, briefly, back in the fold.  And set to party!
Jo and Pete Reid have been out with Papa to get more groceries with the money donated by friends and  our kitchen store is filled with most things needed for a week of special meals.
Happy House is ready for the arrivals. Everywhere has been  given an extra clean and polish and rooms made ready.
While we have the room for all extra kids, we don't have enough beds to go round but everyone will have a comfy mattress.
And kids being kids that will make it even more of a Christmas sleepover adventure!
YOUR  support and donations makes possible our life-changing work with vulnerable children in Kenya.  If you could make a donation, no matter how small, as a Christmas Gift to Happy House it would be so appreciated. Donate at: