Friday, 16 December 2016

Special delivery

There was a special delivery for Brian, when Maddy and Darcie Davies called to see him.
They brought Christmas gifts from their aunt,  Catherine Davies and her class, form 7D, at the London School in London.
Darcie and Maddy who are home for Christnas with their family, their dad, Damian, is general manager at Turtle Bay Beach Club,
Brian was thrilled to see them and to read the messages in the card they brought from 7D.
He will share his gifts with his brothers and sisters at Happy House,
Thank you to Mrs Davies and Form 7D, Brian send you all his love and good wishes for a very happy Christmas. 

Book Fund zooms up

Our Buy a Book Appeal went up by £100 yesterday thanks to two kind donors.
Now we have raised 91% of our £2000 target to cover the cost of buying text books for each student in Secondary School Form 2 when it opens in January, 
It would be a wonderful gift to these kids, all from backgrounds of poverty and loss, if we could hit the target by Christmas.
We are just £190 away,
To donate go to: