Sunday, 18 December 2016

Thank you, by Kelvin

Kelvin Baraka joined our Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme in March 2014.
He lives with his  grandmother who had no means to keep him in school and he was facing a bleak future. 
A scholarship in our school changed his life. He completed his primary education and passed the KCPE last year and will start his second year in our secondary school in January.
Kelvin writes:
I  want to thank you, Mama Sue,  for what you have done for me.
You have changed my life so much.
 And I thank also my teachers for what they have done for me.
 I thank Dr Danwata forgiving his name to the scholarships as they are changing the lives  of people in our  community.
I pray for you, the people who support and sponsor us for all you ae doing to improve the standadrd of our lives through education.
I pray that Mama Sue will live a long life to have strength, so that when I achieve my aims in life I can give back and bring thanks to her,. 
I also pray that Dr Danwata lives a long life  and can continuen to help many people get well,.
When I achieve in life I will help people in the way Mama Sue has helped us not just with education but with food and clothing.

I am grateful to Uncle Billy and to everyone who makes Happy House fly high in the sky,