Sunday, 11 December 2016

Home for Christmas: Showtime

 A game of charades,  a few carols, and a bit of a boogie?   How does you family entertain itself on Christmas Day.
Our Happy House family put on a show.
Celebrating Christmas early because all the kids repatriated with relatives were home with us for a five day holiday,  Santa made a marathon distribution of parcels to our huge family, and then the show began
And all the family took a turn, children an staff.
What a talented lot they are.
There were Christmas carols, songs, a catwalk show,  some fantastic dancing and comedy.
An unexpected guest star stole the show.
The kids fell about laughing when a very sophisticated "lady" sashayed into the banda.
It was our sports teacher Mr Steve who had dressed up as a woman for an hilarious comedy sketch.
We've put all the video clips together so that you can sit back, imagine yourself in the sunshine, and enjoy our show.
We hope you enjoy it.
Happy viewing!
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