Friday, 9 December 2016

Home for Christmas: Fun in the sun and Tombola in Blackpool!

No holiday is complete without a trip to the seaside!
And for those kids reunited with families and now living inland,  visiting the beach is no longer an option.
So they were thrilled when Mama told them they were going to spend a morning at Watamu beach.
A party of well over 100 kids, teachers, aunties and volunteers made a happy band as they walked from Happy House to the beach.
And as they got nearer, the kids were jostling each other to see who would be first to see the sea and when they reached the beach the contest was back on to see who would be first in the sea!
They had a splashing time, the little ones in the shallows while the older kids ventured deeper, with everyone looking out for each other.
When the time came to leave the water, dry off and walk home it was a tired but happy and refreshed group that set off back home to Happy House for a tasty lunch.

The frustrations of working on the  African continent continue, as the internet connection has been terrible all week.
And because of that the blogs featuring the wonderful time our family is having  this Festive Holiday Week, are not being as immediate as we'd like.
But as we have already said this week, this does serve as a reminder to those of us living in a much more developed and sophisticated world, of how lucky we are.
We can email, transfer video and pictures, in the blink of an eye. T.he connection is instant
Mama and her team have to endure uncertainty and exercise patience with such things every day.
Our  Christmas day video clips and pictures are now safely tranferreid and Elizabeth is in the process of editing them,  ready for a Santa Special Blog tomorrow.
We will also bring you more stories and pictures over the coming days, so you won't miss a thing!
Thank you to everyone has donated to our Festive Holiday Fund to make it possible to bring home all the kids, once in our full time care and now happily back with family members, 
This week has been so special for them and for all the "brothers and sisters" they had grown up with in our care and who remain at Happy House.
As with all we do, it is your support that makes it happen.
* If anyone wishes to make a donation to Happy House as a Christmas gift to our family. Please go to

Tombola success

Our Buy a Book Appeal got a £170 boost yesterday.
That was how much we raised with a tombola stall at Blackpool Victoria Hospital Christmas Markets.
Betty Hatch, who is  in Salama's sponsor family, travelled all the way from Essex to visit her sister-in-law Judith Cousins in St Annes so she could help our UK coordinator Elizabeth Gomm and Pauline Royle, who in Jane's sponsor family man the tombola..
Business was brisk throughout the afternoon
All the prizes were very kindly donated so every penny we raised will go directly to our appeal to cover the £2000 cost of buying all the text books required for the 13 subjects our Secondary School  Form 2 will be studying from January.
This has brought the appeal to £1710- 86% of it's target.
To buy a book go to:
While Betty, Judy and Pauline looked after the tombola, Elizabeth  took on the task of finding owners for some very cute teddies.
The teddie came from St Aidan's School, Preesall, where they are being sold as part of K7's Christmas effort for Happy House.
Elizabeth raised £29 which will be added into the St Aidan's total.
Thank you to Betty, Pauline and Judy for running the tombola so efficiently and to St Aidan's for the teddies!