Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Frontline first aid

 Knowing how to assist when someone has an accident at home or at school is a skill that could also be life-saving.
And we are grateful to Joanne Reid, a theatre nurse with Spire Healthcare in Blackpool and Lytham, for again presenting a First Aid workshop for our Happy House staff,
Jo, who has given basic first aid lessons on previous visits, explained how to help a casualty suffering  burns,bleeding or chocking.
She also demonstrated resuscitation and other basic techniques.
Volunteer staff members acted as her casualties for the accident scenarios.
Everyone found the workshop every informative and educational.
Thank you 

Bob, bob, bobbing ...

Just like the Little Red Robin in the song our family members been just bob, bob, bobbing along!
They had a great time on bobbing for apples on their Christmas Party Day, and as these pictures show they are very good at it.