Thursday, 22 November 2012

Clinic call

Rose and Jedida woke up feeling very under the weather and it was clear  a trip to see the doctor at  the local clinic was necessary
Jeddy’s temperature was soaring by the time we got there and Rose, too, was also listless and down in the dumps.
The doctor gave them a good checkover, they had pin-prick tests for malaria and then we waited, very patiently, for the results.
Both girls tested negative and were given some medicine to help bring down their temperatures and make them feel better.
Two minutes after arriving home, they were both fast asleep and will, hopefully, be a as right as rain for school closing day today.
                                                                                 Happy to see you
Susan and Adriana  meet our kids
Visitors are always welcome at the Happy House and Auntie Libby has been acting tour guide this week.
Our latest callers were Adriana Prieto and Susan James.
They are volunteers working at other homes in Watamu and they wanted to see for themselves what our Happy house was like.
Adriana , an international relations graduate from Mexico City, and Susan, a retired probation offer from Bakersfield, California, were so impressed and amazed by the high standards of both childcare and education. They were also delighted to meet Mama Sue,  who has created this centre of excellence.
They could see how we are raising the bar in everything we do, and giving children the very best childhood and equipping with the education and aspiration to go on to achieve as adults,
Susan hopes to come back next year to volunteer with us and is also planning to join our family as a child sponsor.
Today they will be joining us for the morning for school closing day celebrations and graduation day.
They will be very welcome as will al those others who are joining us  for this important occasion and our new primary school open day.