Monday, 5 November 2012

Love at first sight

Beautiful Esther, the youngest member of our family, now has a place in the hearts of Italian couple Ilaria Ceresoli and Marco Giordano.
They were introduced to the Happy House family by their close friend Susanna whilst on holiday - and Esther entered their lives.
Now proud to be members of her sponsor family, Ilaria and Marco tell us: "As soon as we walked in and saw all those beautiful happy children sing, play and leap we felt such strong emotions.
"We then met Esther, before entering the room of the little ones, we saw only her tiny legs  and at that moment we realized that she would be our little princess.
"She is the smallest of all, so small and helpless, with those huge eyes carefully seeing every little movement. We loved her from the first moment.
"When we picked her up  she immediately entered into our hearts with her immense sweetness.
"The next day we returned to Happy House and we also wanted to come back the next few days, but unfortunately we had to return to Italy, although we hope to come back soon to visit and find you.
"Not a day goes by that we do not think of her, how she is and what she is doing.
"We look forward to helping more and more involving friends and our family so that all those wonderful children can continue to run and play happy and carefree as they deserve."

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