Friday, 16 November 2012

Travel companions

Sometimes something as simple as opening an envelope can fill the world with love and sparkles!
And a cascade of glitter tumbled out of a letter in a parcel sent for our Happy House kids from Little Owls and Next Steps Child Care Centre in Somerset.
The cards, made by the children, are covered in sparkles have photographs of the Somerset kids and a letter telling them about Barney the Owl and Lamu the Turtle they are sending to stay with our family.They say: "We look after their cousins Timmy Turtle and Owlie Owl who love travelling and having fun. They have recorded their travels on a gallery which you can see on our website.
"We have sent you some photographs and a small collection from a raffle, as the children won first and second prizes making scarecrows at the local gardening show."
Well done, to all you creative kids!
And a very big thank you everyone at  Little Owls and Next Steps for your lovely parcel which brightened Auntie Libby's day, and for your cheques totalling £120.
Lamu and Barney are very safe, have checked their passport and are ready to set off on their travels to Kenya with Mama, Papa and Auntie Libby today.
Fikiri leads Kidz Club
Excitement builds...
The Happy House family is just bubbling over with excitement because their Mama Sue and Papa Dave will be arriving home tomorrow.
Packed and a-weigh, Papa!
 It's a flying visit, three weeks, because Mama, Papa and Auntie Libby have so much planned here  to help get the Happy House on a sound financial footing, but every minute promises to be action packed.
Fikiri, who was kid in charge of this weeks Kidz Club, gives us a glimpse of what is in store: "We are missing Mama and Papa. When you come we shall have a big party and cake and pilau that we like.
"The kids plan the party and have been shopping in the village.
"Then on graduation day we will have visitors. Graduation is when Kg 3 go to Class 1. They will sing a song and we will be happy."
As well as making plans for Mama ands Papa's arrival, the kids followed the weekly programme -  taking turns in sharing an interesting book they've borrowed and read from our Library in course of the week.
Uncle Bill reports: "Evans set the ball rolling by giving a detailed account on King Donald's secret . Margaret spoke eloquently about Tara's party.. wonder whether it has been inspired by past & coming parties.... no matter the case our lovely party monsters are super prepared. Each speaker got a loud applause for a job well done."