Saturday, 24 November 2012

School ends with a sparkle

School closing day was a cavalcade of colour and creativity as our children showed off their considerable talents.
Every child from pre-schoolers to primary had a part to play and played it perfectly in more than two hours of verse, music, drama and dance.
The show, organised by our teachers helped by volunteers, was stunning from the the traditional Christmas nativity, through to a wonderfully imaginative  celebration of cultures represented at our school from the many African tribes to those with roots in other continents including the Italy, the USA, France and the UK.
Brilliant costumes, made cheaply  from sourced local material , and  from items  kindly donated to by so many of you from the UK and elsewhere, added to the effect.
Happy House scouts gave a formal start with a a display of marching before raising the Kenyan flag as everyone stood for the national anthem.

The opening act was presented by our playgroup and baby classes  performing Ten Little Indians  and Butterfly, Flutterby. From there it was on to our older children with so many varied acts mostly in English but also in  French and Swahili.

Everyone in the audience was delighted with the performances, some joining in with the dancing when a child, dressed costumes representing a different tribe or country, took to the floor
. It was Uncle Billy who sparked the audience participation when he joined in with  a  Kikuyu dance.

Chief guest was the local education officer who congratulated the school on its high academic standards, making it one of the best schools in his jurisdiction, and on its administration. He remarked on the way it forges ahead progressively but also acknowledges and appreciates the many tribes, nationalities and cultures 

Sifa and Papa
Director and Mama, Mama Sue, spoke about her belief in education, providing the best and making  the Happy House school a centre of educational excellence . She explained how we are a charity, not a business, and that every shilling given, every item donated goes exactly where it is intended …to supporting our children.
Mama also presented certificates to children who had performed well in the recent exams.
Well done to everyone who helped make this such a special day for everyone and many, many  thanks to our teachers and  the shining stars of the day ... our kids!