Thursday, 15 November 2012

All action kids

Swinging on an old tyre, playing chase, dancing, or having a game of football, our Happy House kids and their school playmates are always on the go.They never miss an opportunity to be on the move and when , for the little ones, it all becomes to much to catch a few zzzzzs with an afternoon nod!  All that activity takes good food an d plenty of sleep to keep it fueled. Our Happy House children, who have experienced the pain and hardship of living in abject poverty, are now blessed with a safe home, nourishing food and the knowledge that they will, as Mama always wanted, "go to sleep in a  bed and wake up to a breakfast."  It's taken Mama focus and determination to turn her dream into reality. For her, and all those who support her, the reward is bright, healthy, happy kids.