Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Congratulations and celebrations

Our kids put on the party to end all parties for their Mama and Papa yesterday.
From the choosing director of ceremonies to DJ,  organising entertainment and competitions the kids had planned and rehearsed it all.
They put up the decorations, helped in the kitchen and got both the house and themselves all dressed up so they could give their Mama, Papa and Auntie Libby the biggest welcome home.
And as it is also coming up to the first anniversary of Auntie Rose’s wedding to Uncle Fred, and Auntie Libby’s birthday there were surprises in store for them all.
The party opened with prayers, led by our chair of Kidz Council, Evens, who then handed over the director of Ceremonies, Margaret. First up in the competitions was an eating contest for the playgroup kids who wet head to head to see who could eat their biscuit the fastest. With Linus the outright favourite, it was a shock to everyone when dark horse Brian won the race.

Our little girls, dressed in fairy costumes, came on next with ring-a-ring-a-roses, followed by aerobics by the kids, who put on a brilliantly choreographed display,  followed by enthusiastic staff who whilst very good couldn’t quite match the kids!

A wedding procession - with Hassan and Rose as bride and groom - honoured Auntie Rose and Uncle Fred’s anniversary. A lovely surprise for both of them.
The dancing competition between staff and kids was so much fun, but not easy for the judges.
In the final showcase the three winners were Samson, Rose and Auntie Freda.
Musical chairs, croquet and other competitions, plus hotdogs, cake and pop completed a day family fun.

For Mama, Papa and Auntie Libby who received lovely gifts from the children, who had been shopping in the village to buy them, it was the most perfect homecoming.
What wonderful children we have and how talented they are.  They had worked so hard to make this so , so special for everyone.
Thank you to all of them for just the best day ever!