Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Barcoding and booking in

Cathy and Oscar
Barcoding and scanning  the 7,300 books we have in our Happy House library is now underway thanks to Micro Librarian Systems.
The Stockport-based company, which has adopted us as its charity, gave us a Junior Librarian.net electronic management system which will enable us to track reading trends and progress across our school as well as ensuring that we know exactly who has borrowed which book, dvd , game or musical instrument and when..
It’s a huge asset to our librarian Cathy who also helps in school.  Once she got the system installed on her computer she started work on getting our stock on to the system.
Cathy is delighted to have the Junior Librarian which, she says, puts our library way ahead of any other library in the district and a takes the Happy House a step nearer to having a first class library.
There are many more books still to unpack  that Mama, Papa and Auntie Libby brought out with them  and we hope that in time we will get many more.
More books given by you
Encouraging reading is a top priority, because as Mama Sue has always said  ‘’If a child can read, a child can learn.’’
Our children are becoming real little bookworms and enjoy talking about the books they have read at Kidz Club.
We are so grateful to Andy O’Brien,  managing director at MLS and his company, for their generosity and to all those of you who have sent books from our wish list for the children for Christmas.
As we have said before a bookplate with their name on it will be put in each child’s book so that it is owned by them, but once they have read and enjoyed it we will ask them to add it to our library so that it can be kept safe and shared with their brothers and sisters.
This will ensure that every book is looked after and read by as many children as possible