Sunday, 25 November 2012

Young bloggers take over

We have three Happy House bloggers today. Shakila, Rukia and Margaret.
Shakila and Rukia have chosen to write about meeting Mama and Papa in Mombasa while Margaret, MC of the welcome home party, is telling us more about that. Wjile in the UK, Mama has been talking to the kids on Skype and told them they could have a welcoming party if they organised it themselves. They did!
 The pictures were taken by Mercy.
Shakila writes:On Saturday we went to Mombasa and we were waiting 
for you  and when we saw Mama Sue, Papa Dave and Auntie Libby  we were so happy and we were singing  for you.
And Mama Sue said we are going to cafĂ© and we went to have  some drinks and it was nice , we love it. 
Rukia and  Shakila
At the morning we were ready to go to Mombasa.
And every body was ready too
And the bus  was so big and  we like it.                               
Thank you Aunt Libby for letting me `to write a blog.
Rukia tells us:   I  hope you  are  fine and  me too. 
You  have  came back  to  Happy  House  Mama  Sue  and  Papa  
Dave and Auntie Libby.  And  we  went  Mombasa  we  saw  a  big  place  and  before we went  there  we went  to  airport  when we saw Mama , Papa and Auntie we was  very happy.’’

Now it is Margaret’s turn to write about the party:  Mama Sue  said that as Happy House big girls and boys, so we can plan for a party and organize it. 
So at that moment everybody stood and we started cheering (hooray, hooray) After we finished cheering we were told that the party is ours not for them. So we had to organize a party. 
And the Kids Council helped us. So we had to start with the MC, then the activities
Margaret and Janet
and their leaders. The MC was Margaret and the leaders were ( Janet, Mercy, Evans, Mr Athman, Musyoka and Shakila)  and the activities are games, eating competition, aerobics, staff aerobics, dancing competition, party girls and music chair. We did the party on and all the staffs came and they really enjoyed it.
Everybody was telling me that “this is the best party in the Happy House!”
And I was glad to hear that.  That was the end of our party!.
Best wishes Margaret the Happy House family xxxxxxx
Jeduda reads her own blog

*Our children know and understand just how the daily blog tells our friends around the world what is happening at the Happy House and every Monday they look back on the previous week with Uncle Billy there to explain anything they may not understand or to answer any questions they have. It is also rewarding for our young guest bloggers to be able to see their work up on screen. Well done kids, you are getting to be very good writers and we look forward to seeing what you have to report in future..