Thursday, 29 November 2012

With love from Lancashire

Terry and son Gary 

 Every desk and every chair in our school was once used by pupils in Lancashire schools.
When schools have been refurbished in the county furniture, which once would have gone to landfill, is given new life by Burnley-based charity Furniture for Education Worldwide.
Terry Burns, who founded the charity, his wife Wendy, son Gary, am FEW trustee,   and Gary’s girlfriend Rachael Clamp, have flown out to visit the Happy House.
They were here for the opening in March 2010, when the first FEW container-load had provided much of the furniture in use around our home. And what a difference they are seeing.
With them are Rachael’s mum, Karen, and her partner, Steve Durkin, a Burnley businessman.
So when guests who have done so much for use come to visit we like to give them a real Happy House welcome by putting on a show. FEW trustees also sent a donationt to buy everyone ice cream and sodas.
For Terry, political officer for Unite the Union NW, is thrilled to be able to see just how every item his charity has given is being put to good purpose - one of the reasons they choose to support us time and time again.
The most recent shipment also contained  computers, now up and running in our computer room, filing cabinets given by Senitor and mattresses from Silent Night. Plus other items surplus to requirements from  schools, offices and local businesses.
Natasha and Peninah
Kids judge adult dancing
For Terry, whose charity has sent shipments to other areas of the impoverished world, the link with the Happy House is the strongest because they can see where it is going and exactly how well it is looked after and being used.
Ice cream for Rose
To greet our special guests our children repeated two of the performances they had presented at the Closing day and Graduation, to the delight of everyone. Followed by a dance competition - which is always the kids’ first choice for entertainment.
Looking around one of our fully furnished new primary classes Terry said: ‘’And to think all this was once in Lancashire schools and would have just gone into landfill. We waste so much, this should be a wake-up call.
‘’The Happy House has come on such a long way since we were here What Sue is doing here is incredible. She is an inspiration.’’
Mama Sue said: ‘’We are thrilled Terry  and his family have come back to see us. He and his trustees are so supportive of us and we know how much it means to him to be able to see every stick of furniture they have sent us being put to use by our family and making a difference to children's lives..’’