Friday, 2 November 2012

We are family ....

   Tom and Emily      
Wherever in the world we live we are Happy House family.
Tom and Ruth
Those who have befriended our children by joining their sponsor families, or who help us by raising money and awareness know they are a part of something very special.Your love and kindness means so much, and  Mama was thrilled to hear from Ruth Smith recently, who with her husband Tom sponsors Harrison, who sent this lovely message for her to give to him.
Ruth's email headed, simply, "Addition to Harrison's sponsor family", reads:
Our Harrison
 "We wanted to let you know that you now have a little sister as part of
your sponsor family. Her name is Emily and she is 7 weeks old.

"  Hopefully one day when she is bigger we will be able to come back to Watumu and she
will be able to meet you and all your family at Happy House.

"  Hope you are ok and enjoying school again after the recent break."

Beautiful Emily
Congratulations to Ruth and Tom, who discovered the Happy House whilst they were on their honeymoon in Turtle Bay,  and a  very big welcome to our family to baby Emily.
Your pictures are safely stored in Harrison's memory box and he's thrilled to have a new sponsor "sister."
He can't wait to show you around when you are big enough to visit, Emily xxx