Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Thank you Happy House

Baby love for Auntie Brenda , Grace and Grace.
Our good friend Brenda Groves has just returned home to Wantage, Oxfordshire, after two weeks holiday in Watamu  with her husband, Red, and granddaughters Grace Lochrie and Grace Dunbar.
During that time they have spent a great deal of time at the Happy House, lending a hand wherever needed.
Brenda, who is in Charity's sponsor family, says: " I had told my two granddaughters so much about the Happy House but when they first went into it they said "can we come and live here?". They were so impressed.

Esther wins a new fan in Uncle Red
Auntie Rose gave us a tour and so much has changed since Red and I were here  last year, in particular the new classrooms upstairs.
"  We brought with us  two bags of Christmas presents which have been donated and sent to Mama Sue, and a large bag of things from myself and friends, Jenny Kenrick, Ann Summers, Kirsteen Crouch and employees at Crown Packaging.
"These included books, new clothes, toiletries and many other items. We unpacked the bags as Aunty Presca was keen to get them sorted. The girls went back another day and helped her to start packing Christmas presents for each child.
" Uncle Billy needed some help to take twins Jonathan and James to Malindi clinic as they had been poorly.  Grace and Grace  were keen to help and Aunty Rose supervised the trip. They fell in love with the boys.
"  Jonathan was still poorly and I went with Uncle Billy to the clinic again, he was prescribed medication.On the way home he was so interested in looking at all the cars and people.
Santa helpers
"  Another day Grace  and Grace helped Aunty Presca sort out shoes for the children, they also spent time in the baby banda helping with the feeding of the other little ones. We gradually got to know all their names and who was who as their are three sets of twinboys. Esther, the youngest in the family, is so tiny and beautiful and David just melts your heart with his smile.
We were so sorry to leave after nearly two weeks and was touched by the older children singing for us.
"Thank you Happy House for such an enjoyable visit and we hope to return very soon. "
                                  Very good news indeed


There is very good news about James, whose twin brother Jonathan has, as we told you yesterday, been diagnosed with sickle cell disease.
James has now been tested twice, and both times, the tests have given him the all clear.
Uncle Billy says: "Just to prove to the world that nothing is stopping him,  he is standing upright and trying his solo steps.
"Good luck James!"
We are all thrilled to bits, as you can imagine, and it's a huge relief to Mama and Papa.
Now we must concentrate on getting the best treatment for his brother.