Thursday, 1 November 2012

A delivery for Santa's stockroom

Meet Santa's helpers!
Brenda and Red Groves have been supporting Mama Sue's work for many years, and visit the Happy House every year.
They are members of Charity's sponsor family and Brenda's brother, Terry, is in Brian's family.
Brenda and Red  are now  in Watamu but travelled up to Blackpool from their home in Oxfordshire,  before they left to fill two massive holdalls with clothes and gifts you  have donated for Christmas.
Their help in getting them there is a huge help and we are so grateful to them.
Brenda and Red have taken their youngest granddaughter Grace Lochrie and her step-sister, Grace Dunbar, along with them and they are all so enjoying spending time with our kids.
As you can see, head housemum Auntie Prescha is busy getting organised for Christmas, sorting new outfits into bags for each child.
Auntie Prescha knows each child so well she can tell instinctively what will fit whom, and their colour and choice preferences. We can't go by sizes on labels, because our children do tend to slightly built so European sizes can be way too big and we don't want any disappointments!
Mama, Papa and Auntie Libz will be taking much more when they fly out next month .. a Santa sleigh might be the only answer to excess baggage!
As our family grows our needs are changing, and there is always something different needed.
Our older girls, for instance, now need first bras so that something else we will have to find room for.
New clothes, like those you have so kindly given us, mean so much to our children... some of whom had absolutely nothing bar rags, before they came to us.
Imagine how they will feel to open a Christmas parcel containing a brand new outfit? They will be overjoyed and will, we can assure you, take great pride in both wearing and looking after their clothes. Everything they receive is cherished.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity.