Saturday, 3 November 2012

A powerful force

Big sisters to their Happy house "brothers and sisters" our older girls are just such great role models and always ready to give a helping hand whenever needed
But they are their Mama Sue's daughters and never forget that girls are every bit as good as the boys. 
They take a great pride in making sure that they strive to be good at all they do and that Girl Power is always much in evidencre !
Pictured, from left, are Lucinda. Maria, Mercy, Janet and Margaret.
"Our family" restored
The news, brought to you in a kid's blog by Evans, that the original greenhousing had been destroyed by heavy rains  brought a smile to many of you when he described rebuilding as a necessity because it is "a part of our family".

You will be pleased to see that this member of our family is now being restored to good health with rebuilding work almost complete and the plants underneath that survived the recent deluge are protected from the extreme sunshine and now have a chance to recover too.