Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Dawlish showcase

Our Happy House friends find us in many different ways.
Photographer Caz Steffens of Dawlish, Devon, happened across us after posting a picture she took of musician Jon Gomm at a Guitar Masters Tour concert in Exeter.
His mum, Elizabeth  (Auntie LIbz to our family)"liked" the picture and when she and Caz became Facebook Friends, Caz wanted to know more about the Happy House.
Elizabeth sent her links to our videos and other information and Caz, director of her own small children's charity, wanted to help more.
She says: "After watching a video about Happy House and seeing the amazing work that Sue and her husband have achieved over the past few years to support so many children, making them healthy secure and above all else making them smile, I wanted to do something to help.

" The Snooky Trust Charity in Dawlish now has a Happy House display with a Happy House donation tin, photographs and leaflets kindly send by Elizabeth, in an attempt to help to spread the word for Happy House.
"Sue's passion, kindness and sincere determination to help change the lives of so many children is a truly amazing inspiration," she adds.
 "I will endeavour to help Happy House as much as I can."
Caz set up her charity five years ago in memory of her brother who died 12 years ago, aged 27, to help 18-40 year olds, from her home county, with a physical illness.
Even so, kind Caz, mum to  Harrie (pictured), 20, Tye, eight and Cae,11, has still found room in her heart and in her shop to help us too.
Thank you from all our family.