Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Working together

Andy O'Brien, the very kind boss at Stockport-based Micro Librarian Systems and his team are driving ahead with plan to form a partnership with the Happy House with the aim of raising both awareness and money for our family.
Andy invited Mama Sue, Papa Dave and Elizabeth over to Marple to meet them.  Sue told them her story which led her to the Happy House , while Elizabeth spoke about some of our very special children.
As well as making a donation, Andy was keen to explain how MLS, which provides library systems and support schools,  could help take the Happy House message into the 14,000 schools they supply, and also to their partner companies.
Like Sue, who is committed to teaching a generation of disadvantaged children to read, thus putting them on the road out of poverty, MLS is passionate about encouraging children to read and to providing engaging technologies to foster a reading and information culture that promotes independent motivated readers and learners for life.
Sue first came across MLS some years ago when she was shown the library system in a Blackpool school. She contact the company which donated a Junior Librarian system to school and community library she was then developing. It has since help keep track of books on loan, something which would have been impossible otherwise.
We recently contacted MLS with an update on our work,  what a difference the scanner had made, and how now we have moved on to the Happy House and its school we were in the process of developing yet another library. 
Andy was so touched by Sue's incredible and inspiring work he wanted to give more help, and is giving the Happy House a dedicated page on the MLS website.
We are so excited and delighted by this partnership and will be working with the MLS team over coming weeks to get things underway.
Thank you to Andy, his fellow directors, and his team for their enthusiasm and caring... and welcome to our Happy House family!