Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tic tac top earner at St Aidan's

The novelty of adopting a tiny tic tac sweet for the school holidays caught on big time with pupils at Saint Aidan’s Church of England Technology  in Preesall, Lancashire, and raised £130 to make life sweeter for our Happy House kids
Students in Year 8 spent 50p on buying a tic tac which they were asked to take on their holiday travels, with a prize for the person photographed with their tic tac in the most unusual location.
Pictured:Adopt A TicTac winner Morgan Sandford (centre front) and classmates back  Fynn Galloway, Natalie Danson, Alex Pope Front Joshua Ronson,  Ellissa Thompson
Fynn Galloway, 12, said: “The idea is that for 50p you are given a tic tac and you have to take your tic tac everywhere with you over the summer.You take pictures of your tic tac and the most unusual location wins a prize!” 
The winner was Morgan Sandford,12, who took her tic tac along to the all-action Camp Bestival in Dorset.

Morgan, who was on holiday with her family (right), and her tic tac sent a postcard from the festival and Morgan produced a presentation about her all about her tic tac's travels.She won £10 of shopping vouchers for Primark.
The St Aidan's students are keen to help our family, with the fundraising led by Form K7 and their tutor Joanne Rossall who have sponsored Happy House child, Linus,who is almost three.
Year 11 pupils held a cake bake which raised £30 and their current effort is a guess the weight of the sweetie jar competition being organised by the Year 9 students in their form. (Pictured below are Year 9 students with their ‘Guess the weight of the Sweetie Jar’ competition. Back:  Matthew Moat, Amy Ronson, Harrison Pimbley, Front:Holly Riding, Lauren McGlynn, Luke Kirkby-Taylor)
Ellissa Thompson and Natalie Danson are very keen to help raise money for Linus. Ellissa said, “What Happy House does for vulnerable children is very important. The Happy House gives them a safe, loving home and makes sure they are fed and educated.”

Natalie said: “Going to school is very important for them. It will give them a chance to be able to earn their own living when they grow up and if they have a talent for something, it can be recognised and encouraged.” 
Mrs Rossall receives regular e-mails and photos from the Happy House to let them know how Linus is getting on.
She said: “Apparently Linus is quite bossy even though he is only two and thinks he is in charge at the Happy House. This charity is perfect for our form because the children in Kenya have so little but are so happy, that it sets such a good example for our students. Even in hard times here most of us have some disposable income even if it is just 50p. If we all put 50p in a box it would make such a difference to the lives of these children.”
Fundraising is something that is actively encouraged among students at Saint Aidan’s. Helping others is a key part of the ethos of the school and the students take this seriously, both individually, in form and house groups and on a whole school level, with lots of events throughout the year.
Mama Sue:"We are so grateful to the students at St Aidan's - it is very special when children are helping our children."
*Next week Mama Sue will be guest of honour at St Aidan's Presentation Night.