Friday, 12 October 2012

Thank you ladies

Preston NFU Ladies were a lovely audience for Mama Sue and Auntie Libby when they joined them as guest speakers for their meeting at Salmesbury Memorial Hall.
The ladies were so interested to hear about the Happy House family and the road that led Mama there.
They asked lots of questions and their club donation and a collection raised a very generous £124.
Thank you ladies for being so kind and for serving up some delicous home baking too!
Christmas is coming .... 
How kind you are being to our kids as we prepare for Christmas. Mama and Papa have received so many parcels of gifts and clothes for our children and we are so grateful to every one of you.
We have tried to say a personal thank you, but as some pacels have been anonymous or come without an address it hasn't been possible. So thank you all - from every single Happy House kid!
There are still items on our Amazon wishlist so if you would still like to purchase a gift please visit