Thursday, 4 October 2012

Our inspiration

Mama Sue is our inspiration, The driving force who is ,every single day, making a difference to the lives of children who, without her, would have had no hope.
The Inspiration Awards for Women is a star-studded and incredible event celebrating the achievements of women. Sadly, despite the huge support we know she had received from so many,  Mama Sue did not come away with an award.
Each one of the women nominated was hugely deserving, and to reach the final six of the Most Inspirational category is a huge accolade in itself, so while it is disappointing not to have "won"  an award it is fantastic recognition to have come so far.
And who knows who might read about her in the awards brochure or online and decide that they want to help her and her children.
Mama has never asked or expected rewards,but she did want to win this for her kids... because they wanted her to be a winner. She is, just like any mum,  concerned they may feel let down.
It is a lesson every child has to learn, and a hard lesson at that, but when there is one prize there can only be one winner. Votes apart, the judges had the final decision.
Mama Sue is a brave and inspirational lady.
To each child whose life has been saved or transformed by Mama Sue; to every sponsor or supporter who has seen how she is changing lives and been inspired by her, she is , and always will be, the only winner.
Thank you to every one of you who voted for Mama and who have sent messages of good wishes. You are very special indeed.
We hope the publicity generated by Mama's nomination and her being at Cadagon Hall tonight will bring our Happy House family many new friends and maybe new sponsors for our kids.
She is our winner. Today, and always.
* Pictures show Mama Sue and Papa Dave arriving at the awards with Elizabeth Gomm and supporter Scott Webster.
Mama being interviewed and with some of the Breakthrough awards helpers.
Mama and Papa with charity supporters Christina Young and her friend Sally, and Scott Webster,