Thursday, 25 October 2012

Top marks girls

Head Madam Rose with Rukia and Margaret (left)
What bright kids we have at the Happy House.
Children, who have come to us from the most difficult start in life, are just forging ahead in leaps and bounds.
They are so eager to learn, embracing every opportunity open to them, and achieving the most amazing results.
In the recent exams, Margaret and Rukia gained outstanding marks making them the top performers in their subjects in the zone (a district which covers dozens of schools).

Margaret and science teacher Mr Athuman

Head teacher, Madam Rose, who leads our dedicated and ethusiastic teaching team,  says: " We have good news from the Zonal Education Office. In the first zonal exam that our children have done shows good results from the analysis made in ranking.
" Margaret  became the best in the district in science while Rukia was best in social studies and CRE."
Mama Sue says: "I am so proud of our children. They have done so well and Margaret and Rukia have gained exceptional results. 

Margaret with class teacher Mr Mdachi
Rukia with teacher Madam Magdalene
Our school is providing children with an excellent education and they are just so eager to learn.
"Without the Happy House they may well not have had any schooling at all.
"The older kids all have career ambitions, social workers, doctors, pilots etc,  and there is no reason, with the right support, why they shouldn't achieve them."