Thursday, 11 October 2012

A friend visits Freddie

There was a surprise treat for Freddie when his friend Liliana Jendroska, a member of his sponsor family, came to visit.

Liliana has been sponsoring Freddie since she visited the Happy House a year ago whilst on holiday.

Liliana and her twin sister Fleur,18, saw the Happy House display in Turtle Bay Hotel and went to take a look at it for themselves.
They were so captivated by our family they returned bringing with them  their mum, Mirjam Gross and younger sister.

The family, who live in Berlin, have been back again for a holiday and Liliana couldn't wait to see how much her Freddie has grown.

Freddie and Liliana are now firm friends and Lili and Fleur had a good time playing with our other kids too.

Welcome back girls!