Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rain wreaks havoc - by our kids

When it rains in Kenya, it really rains! In this blog  two of our kids,Margaret and Evans, tell just how the recent downpours have taken their toll.
Margaret writes: " On Friday and saturday we had very heavy rains and it destroyed a lot of crops.
"It broke the old greenhouse!
"Some of the crops such as sweet potatoes, bringoles, onions, chilis, cassavas, carrots, tomatoes and many others were destroyed by the rains.
"It has given Uncle Chris (our gardener) a lot of hard work.
"And we have really lost a lot of crops. But the greenhouse is being built again."
Evans also tells the story: "I just want to tell you about the old green house which fell down because of the heavy rain that started on Friday last week and lasted all Saturday..
It rained and rained till the old green house fell down.
Now workmen are setting it up again.
Do you know why they are setting up?
                   Because it is part of the family."
Footnote:.This original greenhousing built from casarina poles, netting and makuti to shade and which has served us so well in protecting crops from the intense sunshine collapsed under the weight of the water in the torrential storms as Evans describes.
In doing so it crushed many of the crops growing beneath it including brinjals, cassava, passion fruits and sukuma wiki.
We are lucky enough to have the purpose-built greenhouse systems that were donated to us since the original greenhousing was built, but losing this shelter and the crops is a big blow.Our gardeners have salavaged as much of the fruit and veg as they can which has gone straight to our kitchen. Until we can afford to buy another of the self-irrigated greenhouse systems for thsi land we have to make do and mend. The old structure is now being replaced as we must use all the land available for cultivation in the best way we can to grow crops to feed our growing kids!
And, of course, because it is a part of our family!