Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Thank you gentlemen!

A warm and friendly welcome awaited  Mama Sue and Elizabeth Gomm from Poulton Probus Club  when they went to tell them about the Happy House family yesterday.
The gentlemen, who meet at the River Wyre Hotel Poulton, Lancs, were interested in and inspired by Sue's story and had so many questions to ask when she and Elizabeth finished speaking.
They were generous too. As well as a donation from the club of £35 , a collection raised a further £139.74, plus there were offers of help in raising awareness.
Thank you gentlemen. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and hope you will invite us back for an update in the future!
Today's the day!
Today's the day of the Inspiration Awards for Women and we are beyond excited.
The event takes place tonight at Cadogan Hall, Chelsea, and it's only then that the results will be announced and we will discover  whether our fantastic Mama Sue has won the Most Inspirational Category.
She is one of six worthy finalists, but ,of course, to us she is the only choice.
Mama Sue inspires so many of us with her extraordinary dedication and selfless determination to make a difference to some of the most vulnerable children in the impoverished world.
A win tonight would be wonderful recognition for Sue and the charity and family she has created.
But whatever the result,  it is the children, her Happy House kids, now, and in the future, who are the real winners.