Sunday, 7 October 2012

Our Mama is the best

Today, four of our kids take over the blog to tell us why their Mama ,who has given them home, security and hope, at the Happy House means so very much to them.

Daniella, 12:  " She is important to us because she start the Happy House and helps the children find a home there."
Sifa, 13: "Our Mama Sue is important because we love her. She is very important to the family she is helping. We REALLY love her. Mama is very helping our family."
Mercy, 12: "Our Mama is important because of the help she give us. Our Mama build a big house for us and is giving us healthy food. She protect us. We are sleeping in a good place.  We have seen our Mama doing a good job"
Margaret and her Mama
  Margaret, 12: " A mama is very important in a family. Every good family must have a mama to take care of a family.  A mother is the one to control the family.  A mother cooks and makes sure her children are well and fine and well cared when they are sick.  And when they don’t have clothes to wear she finds them some . Our Mama gives us children proper care and love.”